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New Zealand Hornby Railway Collectors` Association

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Carette was a German company run by a Frenchman. Production of toys etc ceased during World War 1 and did not restart after the war. However other firms obtained some of Carette`s manufacturing equipment and put items back into production. Brimtoy in England were one of these firms. This type of locomotive was produced by Brimtoy with only very minor differences. The locomotive shown here appears to be an original Carette. It is therefore over 100 years old which makes it a true antique. The van is a Fandor, another German make. *************************************************************

Below -    Hornby Dublo trains were made from 1938 until 1964.  00 gauge (16.5mm between outer rails) These are 3 rail trains, towards the end of production 2 rail trains were made.   These photographs were taken an extensive 3-rail layout. 



Four Hornby Dublo LNER A4 locomotives. The two at the left are prewar, one of these is clockwork powered.  The  other two are postwar (more of the driving wheels are exposed to view).


Station yard scene with canopy passenger station.


Hornby Dublo `Deltic` diesel at centre and an A4 steam type loco at right.      The French Meccano factory also made 00 gauge trains under the Hornby ACHO name.   00 gauge is 16.5mm between outer rails, This is known as H0 gauge in the USA & elsewhere.


Guarantee issued with The Hornby Princess Elizabeth locomotive.


The Kruckenberg `Zeppelin` was propelled by an aircraft motor turning an airscrew.  Only was built. Impractical for normal use, but set a rail world speed record that stood for 20 or so years.  At left is an early Marklin clockwork 0 gauge model, than a modern Schylling version, and at right a homemade item that is actually propelled by the spinning airscrew and not by a motor driving the wheels. 


Models Ltd were the New Zealand importers of Hornby and Meccano.  Here is a statement showing that Bruce Baxter was a subscriber to the Meccano magazine.  Bruce was an authority on the subject of  Hornby Trains.


Meccano Ltd had a factory in New Jersey, USA, in the 1920s.  Later in the period  clockwork trains were introduced.  These were not the same as English Hornbys.  However production was brief and they are now scarce collector`s items.


Lionel Blue Streak from the late 1930s. Used Lionel Commodore Vanderbilt locos with modified Flying Yankee carriages.


Hornby Princess Elizabeth made about 1937/38. Introduced in 1937 but not reintroduced after the war. This one has some homemade additions which Hornby failed to include. Upswept main frame from behind the rear driving wheels, bottom of firebox and axle boxes over the trailing pony truck. These are easily removed to restore loco to be as Hornby supplied.


Lionel advertisement from the 1920s.   A Lionel train on a Meccano bridge.   In those days there was a connection between Meccano Ltd and Lionel.  Lionel had a financial interest in the USA Meccano factory.   Meccano USA had a factory in Elizabeth, New Jersey,  Lionel`s factory was a few miles away in Irvington.  In the late 1920s Meccano gave up its American enterprise. 

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